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Maximage data systems / DQM Software, partner companies for the creation, development and implementation of cutting-edge technological solutions. More than twenty years of experience in the market, endorse our solutions focused on effective data management and security in information management, through the use of biometrics.

We are passionate about developing innovative technologies for the service of our customers. The talent of our team, combined with state-of-the-art processes and technology, allows us to offer effective solutions in price, time, and quality for any business need.



To be the enabler of continuous innovation for the development of leading-edge
technology solutions
for the Data Management and Data Safe-Guarding of our
customers assets. Providing to our customers and partners a solid platform for
sustainable growth.



To be the company staying at the front-end of technology delivering strategic
and highly reliable services and products that facilitate our customers to
compete and better position themselves in the ever-changing global markets.

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