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Biometric and Information Security Solutions

Artificial Intelligence in Action, our Biometric solutions use innovative and leading-edge technology tools to assure your processes and transactions are conducted with the highest level of security while complying with the strictest international standards. 


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Maximage ID Recognition Software

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Discover our full solution for identity authentication, ID document validation, and automated client registration. Make your process more efficient and less expensive while increasing identity security through the use of any combination of the following six Biometric parameters:

Facial Recognition – Using our unique 70+ biometric facial characteristics we can create a biometric file from the picture of the ID presented, then we can create a biometric file of the face of the person presenting the document.  Finally, we compare the two files and can provide you with a confirmation that the identity on the document and the identity of the bearer of the document are the same.


Biometric Fingerprint – Our system extracts, records, and compares 40 unique features based on the points of minutiae present in a fingerprint and create a biometric file, then it can compare live-scans with recorded biometric files to validate identity.

Voice Pattern – Our system analyses voice patters and creates a biometric file based on 6 individual unique characteristics: speed, diction, emphasis, decibel, sharpness and bass. Our system can perform accurately speech recognition to interpret instructions. It can also compare Live audio against the recorded biometric files to validate identity. 

Iris Scan – unique personal identity

Signature Matching – Our system records and analyses four parameters that are unique to each signature: writing speed, writing intensity, pen inclination, and shape of the signature.  Those patters are used to create a biometric file that can then be compared with live signatures to validate identity.

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Artificial Intelligence in action, an innovative solution to authenticate documents

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Social Security Documents: SSN, NSS, EPS, IMSS .. 

National Identification Cards and Driver Licenses


National Electoral Cards: INE, CNE, CNI …


Professional Registration & Professional License Cards

Civil Documents: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates etc.

Proof of Address: Utility Statements 

We can also implement, as needed and applicable, document validation through a secured connection with the document issuing authority, based on and in conformity to local regulations.



California Driver License with California DMV

BC Driver license online validation with ICBC database

Mexican INE or Matricula Consular card with online government database.

Indian UUID with online Aadhaar Indian Citizens database etc.