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Notice of Privacy


Document QM Software Inc. is committed to ensure the protection of your personal information through responsible practices.  We deploy all efforts to protect the private nature of your personal information.


All personal information collected by Document QM Software Inc. is done with your consent, by means of a form posted on our website, an email received from you or by telephone. No information is collected automatically.


The personal information collected is only used by Document QM Software Inc. staff for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. We do not share your information with any third parties.

We only use your personal information to process your requests and present you with the information you need or have requested. 

If you have granted us the permission to, we can use your personal information in order to send you newsletters, with the intent of offering you the best service possible.

At all times, the sender of an email prepared by Document QM Software Inc. is easily identifiable and reachable, via email or phone.


We will not, under any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate or divulge your information to any mailing lists. We can offer to add your address to a Document QM Software Inc. mailing list or list server if you request it, you may at any time ask us to remove your name from such list.


We use a component of your browser named a cookie to recognize your computer. Cookies are small data files that are saved on your hard drive when you visit websites. These files make browsing the sites easier.

We do not and cannot use cookies to retrieve your personal information from your computer. The information collected may instead be used for statistical purposes, among others to compute the number of visitors and find out which pages are the most visited.

If you configure your browser to warn you before accepting cookies, a prompt will pop-up each time a site asks for permission to save a cookie on your computer. You can refuse cookies by configuring your browser to reject them.

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