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Data Management Solutions


We offer robust solutions designed to provide an efficient and secure data management. Our solutions are developed in flexible and accessible modules to facilitate capture, management, and growth of your data assets.

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Maximage Aiidara®


MAXIMAGE AIIDARA® is the new intelligent platform that guides you in document management, allows you to reduce time and increase the security of your information thanks to the fact that it uses Artificial Intelligence, templates, controls, functions and friendly reports and is in the cloud.

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• Mass document management

• Possibility of integrating electronic signature with Docusign

• Flexible creation of document structures

• Verifies that the files are complete

• Increases information security, adding levels of security per document

• Increases the productivity of information users

• All interactions with documents on the platform are recorded to increase traceability and prevent manipulation

• Facilitates information queries by keeping documents secure


Import documents from: scanner, computer or any mobile device

• Automatic capture

• Analysis and extraction of image content for automatic indexing by adding the Add In Sofiia® Software for Intelligent Image Analysis

• Share and consult information quickly and easily

• Receive information and file it

• Organize information

• Create access with permissions differentiated by user and roles

• Allows the creation of temporary users and passwords useful in case of internal or external audits.

• Management of roles by profile such as: import, export, print, share or edit

• Creation of infinite folder and subfolder structures

• Two levels of security

• Allows the segmentation of files for greater control of the information


Meet Maximage Aiidara®


SOFIIA® the New MAXIMAGE Platform - DQM SOFTWARE ® developed with AI techniques applied to Machine Vision and Natural Language, helps you save time and costs in information processing thanks to its high performance and accuracy.

SOFIIA® eliminates the need for formats or layouts to carry out the efficient and precise extraction of information.



Manual Document Entry Reduction



accounting cost savings



times the ROI over a three-month period

SOFIIA® can read and classify any type of document or text, in any type of image, and background, such as:

Bills, Identifications, Contracts, CV, Letters, Text on Images, Scriptures, Powers

Documento 2.png
Documento 3.png
Documento 4.png

The New Platform of MAXIMAGE - DQM SOFTWARE® scales the reading power and allows us to read complex images that were not possible before: •Images with backgrounds •Images with watermarks •Images with stamps •Blurred images •Poorly positioned images •Poorly focused images

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