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With our extensive software engineering expertise, we help you find the appropriate solution that is cost-effective and efficient for your business. By combining people, processes, and technology, we offer high-quality solutions tailored to your business needs. Let us assist you in improving your operations, reducing costs, and exploring new ways to engage with your customers.


We provide an end-to-end solution for digital transformation and process automation for our clients, implementing certified and tested innovation processes that enable the preservation of all types of documents.

Conoce MAXIMAGE AIIDARA® la nueva versión multiplataforma de nuestro EDM (Electronic Data

The information is available to authorized individuals who require access to it.

We handle organizing the information in the most suitable way for the client.

It is scalable through other products offered by MAXIMAGE - DQM Software.

Physical storage space is reduced.

We offer customized projects; the client only pays for the images they estimate to digitize.

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