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"The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do"

Engagement Models  

We deliver your best ROI with great control and visibility to your project executions.  We maximize synergies of outsourcing: cost effectiveness, variable workloads management, resource readiness etc., through technology solutions for business.

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Engagement Models

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RaaS Resource as a Service -–

Tech team integration and availability based on your requirement. Pay as you go models available.

On location –

We deploy the required resources at your work location, as part of your existing team and fully integrated and managed by you.


Nearshore –

Our development center in Mexico offers complete overlap with your business hours, seamlessly extending your team to offer greater bandwidth and capacity for larger tasks.


Offshore –

We provide you with dedicated or on-demand tech resources to enhance your development power as needed and when needed. This approach allows you to build the domain expertise as you go in a very cost effective and efficient manner.


BOT – Build Operate Transfer-

Build your core team at a fraction of cost while being productive from the start. And the best part is, you can decide when to take them onboard and merge them with your team for a ready-made tech team.


Hybrid Model –

Enjoy the benefits of the best combination of near shore and on location approaches. Working on a case-to-case basis, we assist you to identify the mix-and-match approach that best fits your needs.


Additional Benefits of Engagement Services

Verification & Validation –

Our gamut of services covering web, mobile, performance, load, accessibility, security and cloud services provide you with an additional testing – an end-to-end verification to guarantee the high quality that your products deserve.


Team Augmentation –

A great flexible way to hire technical talent when you need it, for short and long term, but without the overhead costs and inconveniences associated with the typical hiring process.  


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