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5 Tips for Hiring the Best Technology Partner

The application of state-of-the-art technology has become an increasingly important issue in business development; and especially at this time when negotiations have increasingly moved towards the virtual part, and where technology has taken a leading role.

Companies are looking for their platforms and technology applications to provide a faster and more timely response to their needs, and be friendly to their customers/employees. They are increasingly turning to the hiring of companies that develop technological solutions, which help their different software/application packages coexist harmoniously.

Thus, the hiring of the correct technological partner, has a relevant importance for companies, and therefore here five basic tips to take into account for their hiring:

1. Make it a certified partner before the different institutions that regulate: procedures, technological developments, etc.

2. To be able to develop a global technological strategy, to identify whether to develop and/or buy technological solutions to solve the current business problem.

3. Provide a work plan with specific delivery dates.

Determine a work plan, where specific clear and deliverable dates are identified.

4. Service Guarantee. Determine the timeframe and scope of the technological development guarantee, before starting work.

5. Determine the legal scope of the contracted developments.

Whether you develop and/or implement solutions, always take into account that those in charge of your technological developments, will have to understand your business thoroughly, and provide you with implementation options that are in line with the objective of it.

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