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Have you signed your letter to Santa yet?

It's mid- #December, just in time to be able to send your letter to #SantaClaus to ask for all your wishes for this #Christmas. And what every letter must contain is the sender's signature, it is important that "Santa" knows that your letter is original and that no one is usurping your identity; and for this he will surely evaluate your #signature with its most advanced signature biometric recognition systems, which must operate in the "north pole".

Identification through #biometric systems is one of the most recently used #digitalsecurity standards that allow to identify the authenticity of people's identity, and identification through digital signature must collect different samples, to #authenticate that the person is present at the time of signature.

The parameters for validation are:

• speed

• pressure

• acceleration

• congruence

There are different manufacturers of electronic devices that allow the capture of signature biometric data, which detect the above parameters and are legally endorsed in different countries of the world; but the most important thing is to have the indicated #software that together with the parameters determined by the device, allows intelligent analysis through pre-established algorithms, where you can ensure that the person signing is correct, making comparisons of previous signatures of the user and having full #security that it is the same person.

Through this new form of biometric validation, various benefits are obtained for both companies and users:

#Informationsecurity, as it allows the matching of signatures with various systems with official validity, and thus avoid fraud such as identity theft.

#Sustainability by avoiding paper handling and moving processes to a digital environment.

• Saving time in processes.

So now that you know the benefits of validating the firm through biometric processes, it is important that your letter with your wishes to "Santa Claus" arrive with your original signature, since I'm sure he will evaluate that your signature is authentic and thus be able to make your wishes come true, and that you live a magical and safe Christmas season.

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