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3 keys to surviving Artificial Intelligence (AI)

#ArtificialIntelligence ( #AI) is an increasingly common term in our times, and one that has permeated all areas of human beings. AI is talked about in terms of jobs, schools, and it is even applied in daily life.

While it is true, in many sectors it has been questioned whether the benefits of AI will be greater than its possible harm to humanity, and above all how human beings will be able to deal with advanced Artificial Intelligence in the near future.

That is why before looking for how to survive AI?, we must clearly understand what the meaning of Artificial Intelligence is, so that from that understanding, we can establish clear strategies to deal with it.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the #science and engineering that creates intelligent machines, especially #computer programs. Its objective is to understand and replicate human intelligence, as well as its processes. Since its first reference in the 1950s, AI has evolved and has been divided into subfields such as: #machinelearning and #deeplearning. And it is a science that day after day achieves significant advances in its specific objective.

There are countless keys to be able to deal with AI, but here we present 3 keys to survive Artificial Intelligence (AI), which we consider basic and of great scope:

1. Know and incorporate AI into our lives: No matter what profession you work in, it is crucial to understand how artificial intelligence is applied in the specific context or market to which we belong. That is, knowing and, as far as possible, applying AI knowledge in our profession as well as in our daily lives.

2. Know and understand the ethical and data quality implications with which AI works: AI depends on high quality data, which is why it is vital to understand and ensure the integrity and #ethics of the #data to make informed decisions.

3. Continuous learning: AI evolves constantly and at high speed. Staying updated, learning new skills and adapting our knowledge based on AI advances will allow us to stay at the forefront to make the best decisions.

AI is a powerful tool that is transforming our world, but it depends on the human being and his intellectual and ethical capabilities, to define it as a tool of support and evolution.

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