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5 keys to improve your business with AI

5 keys to improve your business with AI

Artificial intelligence is one of the technological areas with the greatest economic projection in the short and medium term. So much so that its market value could exceed the barrier of 300 billion US dollars in 2025.                                  Statista June 2023


#ArtificialIntelligence ( #AI) is a gift of technology that is here to stay. And like all technological advances, it is a coin that has two sides and depending on the lens through which it is looked at, but above all with the intention with which it is used, it can add up to an unprecedented #digitaltransformation for companies, as well as It can also be a challenge that must be faced by having the ability to transform real data into fictitious data.

AI is being used in all economic sectors, which is helping #companies to improve their processes and collaboration for their advancement in digital transformation.

This is why companies seeking to take their businesses to the next level of #digital technological advancement have to take into account AI, as a powerful transformer, which, when used correctly, will guarantee that companies are part of the new technological business range. To do this, we share 5 important keys to improve your business with AI:

1. Evaluate and clearly determine where the company is located in the use of AI. That is, clearly identify which activities / processes can and cannot be carried out in your company through AI.

2. Incorporate AI as a strategic tool in the digital transformation of the company. Evaluate the processes that, through AI, can make a leap in time and cost, vs. its realization and collaboration in a traditional way.

3. Establish clear and quantifiable objectives on the use of AI. Clearly determine the quantifiable achievements that are desired to be achieved through the use of AI, and that without its intervention, would not be achievable solely with human collaboration.

4. Have a human team that creates and collaborates with the advancement of AI within the business culture. Although AI is a technology in use, the fact that the processes are adopted by the different areas of the company requires, in principle, adoption by the human groups that currently carry out the business processes.

5. Clearly explain to members of the organization and clients the benefits that AI brings to the business. Since through good market adoption, the adoption of an AI-based culture will be easier.

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