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3 tips for safety and efficiency in remote work

Updated: May 3, 2020

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Faced with a totally digital era and global emergencies like the ones we are experiencing; transformation in the way we do business is a must, and topics like:

They are topics that gain strength and before which we must prepare both as individuals and as companies, to ensure continuity in the way we do business.

Today more than ever, we realize that the management of information is done in a more practical way, by having digital means that can disseminate it; but at the same time it becomes relevant that such information be handled securely, and has an order, so that the workflow is performed efficiently and can be managed even remotely when required.

That's why we give you three basic tips, so that in the face of the challenges of remote work, you have security, practicality and ensure that shared information has a value in the workflow that you share with your company and / or client:

1. Work in the cloud.-

By #authenticating to a secure cloud, you protect yourself from downloading files and sharing #information with your workgroup.

The company must ensure continuous backups of information, security protocols and authorized clouds.


2. Scan documents securely.-

Preferably digitize all the important documents you need to work with, under a secure platform that can authenticate their identity; and that the right users have access to the right information, up to the page level.


3. Establish automated processes.-

It develops processes that automatically provide staff and/or customers with the confidence that information will be kept available and secure, in such a way as to ensure business continuity.


Faced with today's challenges, having flexibility in managing information and doing so safely will make the difference between people and businesses that adapt to constant changes and provide reliable leadership.

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