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5 Technological Safety Tips

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

"As of April 2021, the FBI's Most Wanted List includes 102 notorious criminals known to have committed a series of cybercrimes that have endangered and cost individuals and organizations billions of dollars (FBI, 2021)"

Talking about security nowadays, involves various aspects to take into account to ensure that we can be protected, we talk about physical security and security of intangible aspects such as data.

Technological advances have made humanity in great strides in its evolution, in the same way that they have brought new challenges for both companies and people which we are learning to overcome every day.

"The average cost of a data breach in 2020 is $3.86 million (IBM, 2020)"

There are several tips that are very useful to improve technological security, and here we share the five most important for any company regardless of its size or position in the market:

1. Antivirus – anti-malware

Although it may sound trite, it is important that every company has active in all its computers, antivirus software – anti-malware applications, and that they run constantly on computers, in order to prevent delicate situations. The best security starts with preventive actions.

2. Periodic updates of your system software

Just as technology advances, threats go hand in hand in their evolution and system developers know it perfectly, so they are constantly strengthening their software, and therefore periodic updates are important to run. Running the updates will not ensure that you cannot become vulnerable, but what is a fact is that a system with recent updates is more protected than systems that have never been updated since its installation.

3. Use of biometric data

Ensuring the identity of users through the development of unique identification indicators is one of the great advances that companies are implementing at the security level to prevent identity theft, as well as ensuring that sensitive information is shared, prior to authentication. We are talking about authentication through fingerprints, or voice and face identification among others.

4. Cloud Computing

Given the architecture of the cloud operations solution, it allows to handle a higher level of security than is handled in on-premises transactions, in addition to having a higher speed and volume of transactions.

5. Always close the door when you leave

Most technological transactions are carried out through the opening of work windows, and just as these allow us to enter and navigate in desired information, it also opens an access to cyberspace that can give access to intruders, so it is very important that whenever sessions are opened, they are closed as soon as they are no longer used.

89% of executive leaders consider cybersecurity a high priority (Cisco, 2020).

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