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Who takes over technological security?

#Technology in recent years has increased its importance in everyone's lives. As a result of the global health pandemic because of #Covid-19, its role has become more important, because many functions that were previously done in person, have been moved to be done technologically, such as: buying, selling, educating, and even talking to others.

The management of the technology entails the having security systems that allow all transactions to be carried out reliably for both the user and the company that provides the service:

"#Cybercrime is becoming industrialized. Vulnerabilities are identified by a set of groups that then share the information with criminal groups."

John Noble - - Director of the UK's National Cybersecurity Centre

Companies must ensure that their users have a secure and reliable experience, as well as ensure that #transactions between their users are conducted in a secure and reliable environment; as any attack or vulnerability in their security will be much more costly than the cost of the security systems they deploy for their protection.

Security begins within companies that in turn permeating their employees and transactions with their users. That is why any company looking for a safe environment for its operation should consider the following points:

• Installing #anti-malware #software

• Use of strong #passwords with minimal change every four months

#Internet encryption for communication protection: using messaging services with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS)

#Preventive education on safety, both employees and customers.

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