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Develop or purchase Software?

#Technology continues to advance day by day, impacting the development of all companies, regardless of their size. That is why at one point every company in order to remain at the forefront in its niche market, has had to face the question of whether it is better to develop or buy #technologicalsolutions for its operation.

Before answering the question of whether: Buying or developing technological solutions? several points have to be considered, which we share so that every company can evaluate its response objectively, before making a decision:

Robustness of your organization's #IT team. It is very important to evaluate the maturity and capacity of the systems personnel that within your organization will face any technological development.

If you opt for the internal development option, the maturity and capacity of your Systems team must be very high, as the development will fall to your experience and this will depend on the success of the project. If, on the other hand, you decide on the option of adopting a ready-made solution to adapt and/or commission development from an external expert, it will be desirable for your IT staff to have a basic knowledge, but responsibility for the success of the project will lie with the external technology solution. In this option it is desirable that the external supplier has a dedicated team for the development and / or adaptation of the technological solution within your company.

Investment control in the project. When deciding to develop internal solutions in the organization, the investment budget is difficult to determine as well as meet; example of the above is the result of the McKinsey & Oxford University survey of technology executives:

or 45% of the time, large technology projects exceed the budget.

or 56% of the time, they are delivered with less value than planned.

or 17% of projects are so bad that they "threaten the very existence of the company"

When deciding to hire an already proven development and/or hire an external developer, the agreed budget is easier to determine, control and carry out.

Implementation time. Each project must have a detailed implementation program, which must cover survey, development and implementation times. Projects that are decided to develop internally rarely comply with their implementation programs. Research from McKinsey & Oxford University found that 7% of large technology projects were delivered late.

In the case of external development, it is easier to meet deployment times, as it refers to solutions already tested and implemented in different areas.

Both in-house development and external development can bring great benefits to the company; however, to determine which is the most efficient path; #businessstrategy should be objectively evaluated and both human and monetary resources devoted to achieving the mission and delegating other tasks to external experts.

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