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Start 2022 with a technological Audit for your business

In 2022 an expenditure of 572 M million dollars is estimated in Software for companies

Source: Statista-Distribution of IT and telecommunications spending worldwide from 2015 to 2022, by business segment

We are days away from the end of another year, and where we have witnessed technological changes that have impacted companies of all lines of business. Since the world began the confrontation with #Covid-19, the way of doing business has been revolutionized by 180 °, since as a simple example, virtual negotiations increased leaving aside personal contact.

The beginning of a new year is ideal for companies to make a general #audit of the way they use and handle #technology, and identify areas of opportunity, to improve and develop their technological processes in the most efficient way. It is recommended that in order to have a partial view of the results of said audit, it be carried out by an external advisor, where we suggest that when selecting the external auditor, he or she has:

• Recognition of Certified processes as #ISO certification

• Presence in at least two countries

• International client portfolio

We suggest that the relevant points your audit should focus on are:

1. Evaluation of the automation of processes between areas, clients and suppliers.

2. Evaluation of the #security in the handling of the information

3. Evaluation of the #digital information that the company has: Database, portfolios of prospects, clients and suppliers, operating manuals, among others.

4. Evaluation of the use of new technologies such as: #ArtificialIntelligence, #MachineVision, #IOT (Internet of Things) among others.

Although the use of technology can vary from industry to industry, it is undeniable that technological development will be present in all sectors, and it is important that companies are prepared to face the new challenges that a new year brings.

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