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Digital Predictions for a New Year

We are closing 2020, a year that has been a very important test for all, in the face of the #Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with such a drastic change of life for everyone, we have counted on allies who have allowed life to continue and allowed us to cope with this new normality. One of the main allies that has a predominant place at the end of this year is: #technology. Thanks to technology, people and companies have been able to adapt to global confinement; Digital activities have taken center stage such as video conferencing for work/study, online shopping, remote financial transactions among many others.

The figures show this change; where for example, talking about e-commerce, it is projected that by the end of 2020 there will be an increase in users: more than two billion e-commerce users worldwide; where of this figure, more than 267 million will come from Latin America. A significant increase, taking into account that in 2016 there were only 126 million registered buyers. (“Statista” data company specialized in market and consumption data).

So in the face of a new #digitalage, and the uncertainty of what will happen in relation to the global pandemic, here are three big #predictions that every company must consider to continue doing profitable business in 2021:

1. Business connectivity – employees – consumers: Any company that requires continuing to do business and online transactions, should consider having continuous #connectivity on the network. Therefore, you should consider a service of high coverage and speed in transactions.

2. Automation: By 2020 companies have addressed an important issue in terms of automating their processes. 2021 will be a year of consolidation for companies to have management solutions that allow to consolidate the #automation of their processes and safeguard their operation and online transactions.

3. Artificial Intelligence: #AI will be a leading topic in relation to predictive models of consumer behavior. Companies that are at the forefront of understanding and forecasting what their customers want for a short-to-medium and long-term future will play a leading role in the business of the future.

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