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Digital #teamwork

2020 will leave its mark on many aspects of our lives, the arrival of #Covid19 will be the event that will be remembered worldwide for many different reasons, of which the health crisis and the economic crisis at the global level stand out.

According to the Inter-American Development Bank: "The effects of the pandemic on labor markets have already been felt. According to different estimates, during the second quarter of 2020 an equivalent of 12.4% of the number of working hours in the Americas has been lost compared to pre-crisis levels (ILO, 2020).

Apart from the shock that these crises have given the whole world, a change is seen that emerged as a necessary response in all the companies and jobs of the world, which was to move for the most part, the work to the workers' house.

Being at home, away from bosses and co-workers; there have been several challenges that people have had to face to continue working and delivering the expected results of them. In the same way, companies have faced the problem of continuing their operations with remote collaborators.

Faced with this scenario, #technology has been the main tool that has provided a solution so that, as far as possible, both companies and individuals can continue to work. And in this context, what have been the main actions that must be considered to create a team-working environment in a virtual way?

1. #Internet services with sufficient capacity to support the use of various platforms and technological resources.

2. #Communicationplatforms. Define the best communication platform that allows the sharing of information and communication between the participants of the team, taking into account capacity, speed and remote execution.

3. #Security. Evaluate the security in the handling of information, in all contracted services.

4. #Workflow control and evaluation, among different team members.

5. Active and virtual #leadership, making use of the different technological tools, to maintain agile and continuous communication.

Faced with a new reality, companies and work teams that manage to adapt quickly and easily to a virtual team way, will be stepping forward to their competitors and providing an environment of security and reliability to their customers.

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