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How to evaluate high quality technology solutions?

Own #software developments, packages adaptable to each #company and/or pre-determined packages adaptable to companies without modification; it is the disjunction that companies of any size face, in the face of the investment of their #technologicaldevelopment.

Today companies seek to be more efficient, reduce costs and provide good service to their customers. That's why your processes and operations must be profitable and simple enough, and this is where technology plays a crucial role in achieving those goals.

It is important that each company, regardless of its size, is given the opportunity to evaluate objectively, how the technology contributes to its global #operation being effective, fast and profitable. Determine the interaction, security and flow of information between different areas, in order to clearly be able to conclude whether the technological solutions they have, are effective to the model of their operation, require adjustments, or need development tailored to their needs.


Here are three basic tips for the question if you #develop your own software, and/or buy a proven package:

1. Is the company's operating model 100% automated? If the answer to this question is "no", you should identify the points where you do not have process #automation and evaluate the reason. Many software packages that have not been 100% adapted to the operation of companies, can leave operating cycles un automated, and this is where you need to determine whether you need your own development to connect the operating flow and speed it up.

2. Assess the cost of development and #implementation. The cost of any solution (whether package or tailored), should consider the cost of implementation; because sometimes hidden costs can jeopardize the operation of the company, and even to the same technological project.

3. Consider the mission of the business in designing objectives of an IT project. Ask yourself, does this build me in the long run? How does this project impact the architecture of the organization? At this last point it is crucial to consider the components of the system, its interrelationships, its governance etc.; to determine the technology that will contribute the most to the organization.

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