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SOFIIA® a powerful tool for digital transformation

Sofiia powerful tool in Digital Transformation

+ 90% reduction in manual Document entry

+80% savings in accounting costs

3-5 times ROI in a period of three months

What is SOFIIA® and why is it a powerful tool for digital transformation? In this article we explain how this #platform can help you optimize your processes, improve your productivity and increase your competitiveness in the market.

SOFIIA® (Software for Intelligent Image Analysis), is a platform that combines neural networks (#AI), applied to #MachineVision and #NaturalLanguage, which allows processing images and documents to: extract, understand and categorize their content.

This platform helps you save time and costs in #information processing thanks to its high performance and precision. SOFIIA® eliminates the need for formats or layouts to extract information efficiently and accurately.

SOFIIA® works in the following way:

• It is defined whether the image extraction is general or by fields.

• The platform is fed with the images through an API.

• The platform processes, extracts, analyzes and categorizes information.

• Deliver content in formats: JSON or XML

Thanks to SOFIIA®, any type of images can be processed and it performs better than other engines on the market in complex, poorly focused images, with low resolution and low light. It has a high level of precision in images that contain handwritten texts, since it has an efficiency of over 99% in texts that come from a machine and over 95% in readings that come from manuscripts. The language is not a challenge for the platform, since it is compatible with any language.

SOFIIA® adapts to any sector and size of company, offering specific solutions for each case. In addition, it has a team of experts who advise and accompany you throughout the process of implementation and use of the software.

If you want to know more about SOFIIA® and how it can boost the digital transformation of your business, request a free demo. We will show you how SOFIIA® can become your best ally for success.

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