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Discover the power of Maximage Aiidara in Information Management

Today it is not enough to have digitized #information, but the organization and ease of handling said information is important for its administration.

For #MaximageDQMSoftware, information management is a priority, which is guaranteed by the new version of its #EDM (Enterprise Data Management): Maximage – Aiidara®

Through #ArtificialIntelligence, templates, controls, functions and reports, it facilitates the administration and increases the information security of any company.

“The new intuitive interface of #MaximageAiidara® reduces time, guides and facilitates the management of business documents.”


• Massive document management

• Possibility of integrating electronic signature with Docusign®

• Create files

• Verify that the files are complete

• Increases information security, adding security levels per document • Increases the productivity of information users

• All interactions with documents on the platform are recorded to increase traceability and avoid manipulation.

• Facilitates information queries by keeping documents safe

Here we share the main reasons why you have this powerful software in your company:

• Adapts to the needs of each client

• It is quick to implement

• It is safe to use from end to end

• It has local support

• It is scalable

• Allows to generate Intelligence of the documents

• Allows you to generate control of each document by role

• Allows information to be shared among decision makers

• Compatible with any operating system.

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