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Top 5 Biometrics

Technology has evolved to such an extent that today it is possible to use #biometric identifiers, to authenticate a person's identity, in order to make use of certain activities and/or processes. It may seem like something that is not typical of everyday life, but on the contrary, we increasingly use biometrics in simple activities such as unlocking a cell phone through fingerprint authentication. And of something as simple as unlocking a #technology item, we can talk about the use of sophisticated biometrics like authentication through vein recognition.

When we talk about "Biometrics", we are talking about processes that accurately measure the identity of people through various traits or characteristics either physiological or by the behavior of the person. In order for devices operating through biometric recognition to function properly, it is required to:

• Device / Reader to scan the biometric to be used (footprint, voice, iris among others)

• The ideal #software that converts the biometric that is scanned into digital data, so that you can make the comparison between the previously stored data vs. the ones that are scanned.

#Database of official, scanned and comparative data.

Using biometrics has advantages and disadvantages, among which we can highlight:


• They are unique and inferable

• Unlike #passwords, they are harder to steal and/or forge

• Ease of use

• Few changes through the active life of the user


• Higher cost to your operation

• Risk of databases being hacked

The use of biometrics has been permeated in different sectors, including:

• Attendance Controls

• Access controls

• Health

Taking into account all the above points, and for their popularity to this day based on their use, here we share the top five biometrics that are told to date:

1. #Finger print Recognition

2. #Iris Recognition

3. #Voice recognition

4. #Facial Recognition

5. #Signature Recognition

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