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Tracking to Sell

Tracking with customers and/or leads becomes crucial, for the success of any company. There are actions that, although they may sound "simple", mark success in following our meetings, and thus achieving even the closure of a #sale.

Here we share the "10 Golden Rules for Meeting #Tracking", which a sales and marketing expert like @DailiusWilson has developed for the benefit of all of us:


10 Golden Rules for Meeting Follow-ups


1. Deal conversion increases 2.6x when sent in the first hour

2. Record your screen as you present and send the recording as a link

3. Reference the time you are meeting next to subconsciously build a reminder in the mind of your prospect

4. Divide your summary into three parts - what are your goals, how we can help, what are our next steps together

5. Select 3 direct quotes from the customer - like WOW moments when they saw your demo - and infuse these in your follow up

6. Create an area for them to add their own notes & thoughts - the benefit is if this is a cloud document you can also see this and strategize yourself

7. Cater to three types of learner - for visual learners include diagrams, for number orientated learners include #ROI estimations & for practical learners share something they can do to understand your product

8. Stay away from rushing into #pricing - let them absorb your offering

9. Follow up politely in 48 hours - ideally mention “I forgot this....” & send something of benefit

10. Ask for feedback so you can improve this process for other #sales prospects

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