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How does technology help your business sales?

In a survey conducted among global marketers in late 2020, it was found that 41 percent of respondents saw increased revenue growth and better performance due to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their campaigns. of #marketing. Another 38 percent attributed the creation of personalized consumer experiences to the use of AI for marketing purposes.

Statista : Impact of Marketing Executed Through AI on Business Results Worldwide 2020

For any responsible commercial company, its main objective is to generate profitable #sales for the permanence of the same #business, seeking that, in said transaction, the satisfaction of its #clients is guaranteed.

The sales process of any company, regardless of its size, benefits from the proper use of #technology, since one of its main objectives is to make the processes of people and companies simpler, more agile and more productive. .

Currently there are different areas of technology, from which sales teams benefit when they exploit their uses to achieve their goals. Here we show you three technological areas that have become essential, especially in a #commercial world that is undergoing a #digital transformation:

1. Use a #CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Having a #software that registers the database of clients and prospects, as well as the activities that each one carries out with the company, benefits the sales teams to easily identify the status each client/prospect has. This technology allows:

a. Registration of all the data of each client / prospect

b. Registration of the marketing touches that each client/prospect has received, such as the sending of an e-mailing, a quote and the responses to each interaction

c. Creation of specific #salesfunnels, depending on the responses received.

2. #OnlineSales: Thanks to technology, sales teams see a benefit when the same client/prospect can generate their online transaction for the products and/or services that the company offers. Although it could be considered that online sales replace the sales team, the reality is that they can co-exist in a complementary way, seeking to make the customer experience as satisfactory as possible.

What was experienced in the years 2020-2021 with the pandemic, shows the great benefit that having a sales portal gave companies, allowing sales transactions to suffer as little as possible.

3. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI): Technological advances such as #AI allow the recording of data generated by each of the customer #transactions, generating more comfortable sales experiences. Identifying tastes, sales amounts, purchase areas, among many other data, benefit certain technological applications from showing the products that may be more interesting to a certain customer profile, as well as providing #security in the execution of their transactions.

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