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What to expect from Artificial Intelligence?

Collaborative development is on the rise, and leading companies such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google/DeepMind, IBM, and Microsoft are currently working in partnership to develop AI applications.

Statista Artificial Intelligence: in-depth market analysis 2023

#ArtificialIntelligence (#AI) is gaining strength in many aspects of both business and personal life of the human being. Previously, the application of AI was linked to more scientific than mass aspects, and to a certain extent there was control over its uses and applications.

By becoming a #technology of massive use and being linked to new software developments, which are applicable at a massive level, AI is becoming a topic of interest both in what it can intervene in personal issues, as well as in labor issues. It is feared for the substitution of physical workers, for the use of AI, to then displace several of the workers, and make operations optimal and more profitable.

And as technology becomes widely used, and is available in applications where the physical form and voice of a person can be manipulated, the security part becomes very sensitive, since we are facing technologies that challenge people's identity. and make organizations vulnerable. New developments based on " #MachineLearning" or " #MachineVision", to give an example, will become increasingly powerful, seeking the emulation of the human being in all aspects.

Although we are still in an initial process in the use of AI in any aspect of our lives, it is also true that its application and evolution are happening at a dizzying speed, which will test the strength of both individuals and institutions, and its power to adaptation and change.

What we must not lose sight of is that the creation, development and evolution of AI have been the work of the human being, so that the possibilities of adaptation to technological changes the human being will also interfere and that is why its adaptation to AI is really a fact.

Given the imminent fact that AI is and will continue to be part of our lives, the recommendation is to get to know it, take advantage of the advantages it offers us, as well as know how to identify that it can also be used by people with few scruples, and for this reason it is important to know it. to know the possibilities of misuse, and understanding that, in the balance of comparison, its benefits are greater than what its threats now represent.

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