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Your Security Fingerprint

Talking about #biometric systems is an increasingly recurring topic when it comes to talking about #security. We can see the use of biometrics when unlocking our cell phone with the #fingerprint, to sophisticated access control systems in companies / places.

"The global market for biometric technologies is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching a size of US $ 55.42 billion by 2027."

Shanhong Liu / Nov 30, 2020 /Statista

It is a fact that biometric-based technology will continue to advance in different applications, and one of the systems that is most handled by both companies and individuals is the biometric fingerprint system, which uses the unique patterns and characteristics of the fingerprints, which are scanned and compared against previously loaded fingerprint databases.

"56% of the guests who participated in a study, mentioned that it would improve their stay in the hotel if to open / close doors of the rooms were done using biometrics."


To scan fingerprints and to be able to be compared with databases, different technologies can be used, among which are: electric field technology, thermal technology, pressure technology and optical technology. Among the most common technologies is through scanning by an LED light sensor that captures the image transforming it into a digital image, which later allows to compare said image vs. the designated database. The image of the fingerprint is compared through the unique patterns that each fingerprint has, and not necessarily through the total fingerprint.

One of the great benefits of using the Fingerprint biometric is that it is a simple and very secure method, since fingerprints are unique for each person, and they are very difficult to falsify, so just by swiping your finger over the scanner can authenticate the identity of a person, on a secure and reliable basis.

"It is expected that by 2022 the FOD technology« Fingerprint on Display »will be available, which includes optical and ultrasonic fingerprint recognition solutions, which will revolutionize the sensors of Smartphones." Statista

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