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3 key steps in software development

In today's #technological world, there are several ways to venture into the interaction of technology and users: In some cases various software packages have been developed, which respond to general market needs, where users use #software packages already developed, and adapt them to their daily operation. On the other hand there are custom software developments, which are developed by each company to respond to specific needs of the same.

When companies decide on the option of developing specific software for their operation, there are several steps that must be considered whether the development is in charge of their internal #IT team, or the development is in the hands of an external provider. Here we share the three most important steps that every company should take into account, when deciding to venture into software development:

1. Analysis of #needs for design and development of sketch

Clearly identifying the needs that need to be covered with the development of the software, gives the starting flag of any project, so that having clear what is the result that is sought to obtain, a clear and simple solution outline is developed, which helps to minimize errors to the maximum.

2. #Softwaredevelopment and operational testing

By having the development sketch authorized by all the areas involved in the development and use of the software, it gives way to the most important point that is to develop the planned software, always performing operation tests in a preventive way. #Testing the different phases of the software, allow all areas involved to realize the benefits of the application of the new software, as well as foresee any possible future implementation problems and correct in a timely manner.

3. Development of test and maintenance environment

Having the software ready for application either partially or totally, it is recommended that the users involved can work with it, to identify any deviations and corroborate that the needs of the users have been met (point 1).

Having authorized the software and it is open in its #productionstage, it is recommended to develop a continuous #maintenanceprogram, to verify required updates, as well as correction of deviations.

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