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3 keys for a successful upgrade

The main driver for increasing #IT budgets for tech companies in North America was increased priority on IT projects. Tech businesses in Europe were mainly driven by the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure, as well as by supporting remote workforce during COVID-19. Statista Jul. 4, 2022

Within organizations, being up to date on issues that involve the #business is of the utmost importance to stay ahead of your market, your loyal customers, and above all to be one step ahead of your competitors. Thus, all areas of the company must take on the task of being up-to-date on the issues that involve their specialty. The foregoing becomes more forceful in the area of ​​technology, which is vital for the proper functioning and updating of other areas of the same company.

Technological updates not only benefit the company's internal communication, but also external communication, be it with its customers, suppliers and the general public. The fact that a company is updated in its technological systems, will not only result in keeping up to date on technological issues, but may benefit in maintaining a healthy operation, avoiding system crashes, unsuccessful waiting times, as well as providing a more timely response to your customers and prospects.

Here we share three keys to consider, so that any technological update is a success for the company:

1. Be timely in making technological updates. Although everything has a useful life cycle, it is advisable not to wait for the programs and/or the equipment to reach the last day of their useful life, to carry out the updates. It is recommended to plan the useful life to update before it comes to an end, or where appropriate, update when new arrivals of the software versions used are planned.

2. Rely on experts in IT matters. Although you can count on internal personnel in the technological areas of the company, it will never hurt to involve an external advisor, who can recommend both new technologies to use, as well as the best use of those that already exist, and the times suitable for your changes and/or updates.

3. Have backup (Back Up) of the information. Keeping the operation of the #company safe should be the main objective of the technology area when running any update, therefore, having a back up of the information will allow the technology area to work on new updates, knowing that the information is is protected at all times.

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