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Importance of technology upgrade

In December 2021, a critical security flaw was discovered in widely used software. The data showed that more than 100 attempts to exploit the vulnerability were detected every minute, illustrating the vulnerability of computer systems.

World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2022

Keeping up-to-date with advances in any area of ​​our lives is of the utmost importance to avoid becoming obsolete in ideas, new techniques and/or improvements that we might be expecting. The previous statement has more weight if we are talking about issues related to technology.

In itself, technological advances are developed at a dizzying speed, that on many occasions there is not even time to make use of the newly acquired #technology, when a new development is already on the market that greatly improves what was already acquired. . A simple example of the above can be the new versions of Smartphones that every day compete for a place in the preferences of users.

And when technological issues refer to the use of technology by companies, great care must be taken not to lose sight of the fact that the risk is very high for those companies that, due to negligence or poor vision in investing in their #business, they avoid updates preventively and even in some cases necessary.

Among the technological areas where you have to pay attention to updates are:

Cybersecurity. It is a fact that both intellectual and economic resources should not be spared, to be up to date and improve the #security of the equipment, networks and evaluation of the technological security systems that companies have, since day by day, there are more hackers looking to show the vulnerability of computer systems.

Communication platforms. Having robust #platforms that allow managing information reliably and at an adequate speed is an issue that every company seeks to establish; therefore, having these updated and up-to-date platforms will allow companies to carry out their operations more efficiently.

Computer equipment. Ensuring that the #computerequipment with which companies work every day is updated with the best software versions, will allow companies to carry out their work in the best way.

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