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5 Technology Tips for 2021

We start a new year, which brings with it important challenges for both people and companies. Faced with a global health contingency, in which we do not know for sure when and how its end will be; we have to resort to the learnings left to us in 2020, and seek the continuity of life in all its aspects.

For companies, important learning has been the use of technology in their day-to-day operations. 2020 is seen as the triggering moment that accelerated business and personal technological advancement.

That is why, gathering the experiences lived and the forecasts that are displayed for 2021, we developed 5 technological tips that will play a leading role in this year for companies of any size and industry:

1. Operations between areas and with customers digitally. It is time for companies to ensure that transactions that take place between different areas of the company and with the customer are 100% digital. Home work, as well as online sales, are the main drivers for companies to ensure that their operation is completely transformed into digital.

2. Information security. Ensuring that the platforms used for a digital operation ensure information security, and minimize the vulnerability of cyberattacks.

3. Robust and reliable communication platform. Define whether the infrastructure that the company currently has (servers, internet services, computer equipment, among others) gives the company the ability to support the first two points.

4. Re-evaluate financial investments in the area of technology. Most companies have been impacted on projects that had been developed in the area of technology, that the pandemic has caused priorities to change, or new requirements have emerged that were not budgeted.

5. Know your technological position before making any investments in this department. Even if your company has an IT area, it is always healthy for an external expert in the field to help you evaluate the previous four points, and give you a diagnosis and recommendation, before making significant investments in this area.

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