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Technological Moms

“Tech moms” are a growing group that is leveraging #technology in innovative and effective ways. If we look more closely at their day-to-day interaction with technology, we can mostly find situations like those described below:

Online Shopping: Tech moms use the Internet to make purchases, searching for products such as tablets, #smartphones and GPS, which allows them to save time and money.

Work and Balance: Many mothers have found in technology a way to work and at the same time take care of their children, using social networks and other #digital platforms to create or promote their work, including their own businesses.

Education and Entertainment: They use mobile devices and applications to educate and entertain their children, taking advantage of online educational resources and interactive games, as well as to continue their own education.

Home Management: Technology helps them better manage household tasks, from organizing the #family agenda to controlling smart appliances such as cleaning and food preparation robots.

Community and Support: Tech moms often form online communities where they share experiences, advice, and mutual support.


This is how modern #moms have become allies of technology, using digital tools to facilitate their daily tasks, organize their time, communicate and learn about different topics. Their effort in the adoption of new technologies is clearly reflected in the following points:


• Smartphone Adoption: A high percentage of Mexican mothers connect to the Internet mainly from a smartphone, even exceeding the percentage in general who use these devices to access the network.

• Use at Home and Work: Tech moms use technology both at home and at work, allowing them to stay connected and manage responsibilities in both environments.

• Balance between #Motherhood and Technology: #Technologymoms have learned to balance their role as mothers with the digital world, taking advantage of the advantages that technology offers to raise their children more efficiently.

• Digital Inclusion: There are social programs that seek to guarantee the digital inclusion of all Mexicans, which includes mothers, helping to close technological gaps for future generations.


This is how technology has been integrated into the lives of new technological mothers, allowing them to better manage their multiple roles and contribute to the well-being of their families, themselves, as well as their environment in general.

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