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5 ways to technology security

The global cybersecurity market size is forecast to grow to 345.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer information systems, hardware, network, and data from cyberattacks. An increasing awareness of cyber threats lead to a rising investment in cybersecurity infrastructure worldwide. Statista February 2022

Speaking of #security today, not only refers to the physical security of people, but also to the security of #information and the security in the use of all #technological applications where millions of transactions are carried out every day in a new #digital world.

The digital transformation has developed various tools that allow companies and end users to carry out transactions in a safe and reliable environment. These tools can be considered from a purely technological approach, as well as in an education in the management of these new technologies.

Here we share 5 forms of technological security, which can lay the foundations for the protection and care of transactions and information shared in cyberspace:

1. Migrate 100% to a digital world to avoid lost or misplaced documents, including using certified technological solutions in the handling of digital documents.

2. Information management: Know what and to whom should be given access to #information; therefore, information must be managed through certified and reliable information management solutions.

3. Use technological solutions that, through the use of #biometrics, reinforce security either by checking facial recognition, fingerprint, voice recognition and/or signature, among others.

4. Identity verification in several steps. Previously the identification was carried out through a simple #password. Today the most secure technological solutions request a password and verification of it through some other device (two-step verification).

5. Communication with users. The more information that is collected on the experience that users have in handling technological tools, the greater the force with which companies can react to any unforeseen security event.

Maximage adds security to the different processes carried out by companies...

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