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What is a Hacker?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

"There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds" Source: Security magazine

It is becoming more and more common to listen to companies and people, having been victims of “#hacking”, a term that refers to having been compromised in their computer systems by a third party, other than the person and / or company affected.

Originally a "Hacker" is the person who is dedicated to searching, identifying and exposing the #security vulnerabilities of any computer system, in order to expose them and even warn the owner of said vulnerabilities, so that they are corrected, and thus attribute greater skills to break into computer security systems. Over time the term has been distorted, blaming the "Hackers" for putting the security and information they can access at risk, and this is where the line that divides them puts " #Crackers" vs. “Hackers” exposed. The only difference between the two terms is that a "Hacker", having violated the security systems, does not put the information at risk, nor does it do any harm with it, and even sometimes warns the person / company violated of the risks that your computer security system entails. On the contrary a "Cracker" will seek to damage the systems that he can access, with the sole purpose of damaging and / or misusing the information that they can access.

Thus, based on their legality and intentions, the "Hackers" are named in:

White hat hackers The intrusion into the servers and security systems that they carry out will always be for the good and with the authorization of the affected party, and even identify how to correct the vulnerabilities that they themselves are capable of identifying. In this group are the Hackers hired by the same companies, to test their #computersecurity systems.

Black hat hackers Here are grouped the so-called "Crackers", whose main purpose is to generate an evil to the affected victim, and to appropriate information that can represent economic gains and / or damage their systems to affect their operation.

Gray Hat Hackers It is the mix between a "Hacker" and a "Cracker", where they tend to break into the computer systems of companies and / or people without their authorization, and when they find security flaws, they seek financial compensation for not disclosing his findings to the "Crackers"

No person / company is immune from being hacked, but there are practices that can help reduce vulnerability to any attack. 5 Technological Safety Tips (

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