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Advantages of using Biometrics in Cybersecurity

The global biometric system market is forecast to amount to nearly 43 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. The market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years, reaching a size of 83 billion U.S. dollars by 2027. Statista Oct 7, 2022

Every day we hear of some cybernetic fraud either at a personal and/or business level; We have witnessed hacked accounts, identity theft and even global downtime that cost businesses a lot of money simply by going down for a few minutes. And that is why more and more #companies seek to offer their clients high levels of security in the use of their applications in order to ensure that their clients' data is protected, and prevent the operations of companies from being violated.

One of the tools that is becoming essential for both personal and business use is the use of #biometrics on personal devices (such as cell phones), #software, and even access controls.

Biometrics could be defined as the use of #technology to recognize people, based on physiological and/or behavioral characteristics, such as: voice, fingerprint, iris shape, facial recognition, among others.

The use of biometrics strengthens the #security of technological systems, providing many advantages, among which are:

• Biometric systems make it more difficult for people and/or companies to be victims of #cyberattacks, since they link operations personally.

• The use of biometrics does not require linking to #passwords that can be sabotaged, since they are based on the unique characteristics of each person.

• Quick interaction between devices and different technologies; Since today most devices contain the use of at least one biometric, it makes interaction with technological #systems installed on remote devices easier.

• Manage #procedures remotely with a high level of security between users, systems and companies.

The use of biometrics is here to stay in the technological world, and more and more we will be witnessing the advances that companies will make in this area, to provide their customers with secure experiences in the use of their services. And more and more users will ask companies to have technological solutions that authenticate their identity efficiently, quickly, but above all safely.

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