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Are you ready to do business in the digital age?

"In the new millennium, competitive companies will be the ones with the highest efficiency in response speed, the ones that know and master #digitization best. Companies' information systems are like a nervous system similar to that of the human body; where in the face of action there is a reaction, so the success of companies will be framed by the use of digital technology that guides their way of working." Bill Gates


Think for a second about all the activities you do on a normal day (whether work or recreation), where technology plays an important role in its development:

• Communication: by phone, emails, Social Networks, etc.

• Remote transactions: Purchasing, banks, paperwork, etc.

• Work: Video conferencing, sharing information in the cloud, etc.

• Entertainment: Video Games, Television, Movies, Books, etc.

And so we could cite many more activities that have surely already come to mind, and that if it were not for technology, you might think that they are impossible to perform.

Faced with such a technological life, companies have had to adapt and / or modify their processes, in order to give #digitalage is already a reality, and anyone looking to succeed in this new way of doing business, it is important that you pay attention to the following topics:

  • Customer Experience: Whether the customer has to make a purchase, fill out a format and/or answer a survey, their experience with the company should be as easy and satisfying as possible; that's why the #digitalprocesses you face must be supported on robust, reliable platforms and in as friendly applications as possible.

  • Operation security: #Security has become one of the key factors that makes customers able to access or not live a digital experience. That's why the more information security processes are active in customer-company interaction, customer trust will increase and generate greater business loyalty.The more security, the greater the trust, so it is important to review everything from non-robotic activity checks (Captcha), to the implementation of biometric data in the required transactions.

  • Continuous update: Technology continues to advance day by day, so it is imperative to have periodic update processes, which assure the company that it has the most up-to-date versions of its software, hardware and applications; which will allow them to be at the forefront of #technology and not be left behind in the competition of their respective business areas.

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