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Businesses must be digital

As of 2022, nearly 90 percent of respondents stated that their company already had a large cloud implementation. At the same time, five percent of respondents were piloting the implementation of quantum computing.

Statista:Implementation of emerging technologies in companies worldwide 2021-2022

A few years ago, talking about the digital transformation in companies was handled as a futuristic issue, which, although companies knew that at some point they would experience this transformation, they were not fully prepared to face it.

Today digital transformation is a fact, and both companies and users have to live with it, so it is a very clear fact that those companies that have already been able to incorporate the digital part into their daily operations are the companies that they are one step ahead of their competitors and ready for the new challenges that they will have to face.

We are no longer talking about companies wanting to change, but that it is practically a duty to make the necessary changes and adaptations in order to survive in a new world that has been revealed to the world.

There are many points to consider, so that #companies can be sure that their digital transformation is on the right track, but here we present three key points that, in our opinion, are a must for companies today, when achieving and maintaining a healthy #digitaltransformation refers to:

1. Interdisciplinary IT area team

New technologies are developing with incredible speed, which is why today there are areas of specialization in: #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI), #cybersecurity, #IoT (Internet of Things), #cloud, #BigData, #Biometrics, among many others. Thus, it is important to have a team, whether internal or external, that understands and understands each of these technologies, and the advantages they bring to the company's digital conversion.

2. Company-employee digital culture

It is a fact that the pandemic left a new culture worldwide, where #technology plays a preponderant role, and speaking of a digital process company, it must seek to create, maintain and increase a #digital culture in all sectors of the company. We are talking about changes in the way of holding meetings, sharing information between areas, and even the hybrid way of working between physical and #virtual.

3. Digital Strategy

Maintaining a clear vision of where the company is headed in digital terms will give all those involved greater certainty of how the new challenges will be faced, and the more informed all the teams are of the path to follow, the less resistance that can be encountered. face as a company by users, and ensure that the digital age is seen as an ally and not the enemy to be defeated.

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