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3 tips to organize digitally

At present and thanks to the options that #technology offers us, the accumulation of information has become a problem that surpasses the majority of the population. Every day a person has access to information through different sources: social networks, emails, online transactions, chats, among others.

We are not only talking about access to information, but the most complicated thing, which is the administration of said #information so that it is useful to the person and has a useful application in their daily life. The foregoing without leaving aside having an adequate categorization and file, which allows the person to access said information at the time they require it.

When the above is transferred to the operation of a company, the information multiplies and the challenge becomes greater, since the opportunity to have the right data at the right time is often the key to closing a deal, and/or or the opportunity to generate a more profitable business; even more so when digitization is practically a fact in all market sectors.

It is for the above that here we share three important tips that will help your company to be able to organize digitally effectively:

1. Use software already developed for the #administration and management of documents and information. Keep in mind that while these tools are linked to the cloud, it will be a better experience to have a tool that supports you anytime, anywhere.

2. Establish a protocol for document classification, and share it with your work team. The fact that the people who administer and handle the information they share know the terminology of how and why documents should be filed with certain terminology will help everyone share the same language and know where to file and search for the documents they need to manage.

3. Generate files with dates and names. If you need to handle #documents that must be modified in content by different areas, keep a name that always starts with the last edition date and the name, so that it is easier to identify the last generated file.

There are countless tips that can help you manage digital information more efficiently, but always keep in mind that the most important ones will be those that help reduce your search time.

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