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Digitize your information securely

#Information is a powerful weapon that, when used correctly, allows decision makers to take the right actions for their companies at the right time. Currently, having information quickly is through #digital documents that are shared between users, through applications, many of them for generic use.

That is why it is essential to have #documents and data in digital format, and if this decision started from this new era, everything would be simpler, since we would be talking about all information being generated and shared in a digital world. . But we must take into account that much of the information handled by #companies / users today originated physically, that is, it was not initially generated digitally, and therefore the information that is in physical format , must go through a process of digital transformation.

Although transforming physical information into digital might sound like a simple task to perform, this is one of the great challenges that companies face on their journey towards a real digital transformation, since this process must be carried out in a safe, safeguarding both the new information generated in digital format, as well as the correct handling of the previous physical information.

That is why here we share three tips for you to make sure that your information is #digitized securely:

1. Have certified digitization services.

As long as there are services that have been certified in their information management processes, the risk of misuse of information is reduced, therefore it is important that, whether internally or externally, the personnel in charge have the certifications relevant. Take into account #NOM151, which is a standard that refers to the parameters to be followed in the conservation of data and digitization of #documents.

2. Storage and access.

By already having digitized information, the #storage location must be established in advance, as well as the designation of access codes and definition of consultation permissions for each of the users with access to said information.

3. Secure destruction of physical files.

Establish processes for the #destruction of physical files, always hand in hand with the prior verification of files transformed into digital format.

Digitizing information is more than talking about #scanning documents, we are talking about professional processes in the management and conservation of information, to ensure that companies have secure and timely information.

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