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Maximage Aiidara® an efficient EDM (Enterprise Data Management)

Information continues to be a powerful weapon for decision-making in any company. And today with the #digital revolution, the information processed at a higher speed within organizations plays a predominant role and its administration has a main role at all levels of decision-making.

To make it easier for companies to manage #information in a correct, orderly, but above all profitable way, a tool has emerged that will allow them to manage their information and documents, providing a solution to the complexity of managing them between areas, companies and even individually.

Maximage – DQM Software combines its experience of more than 25 years in #document management in different industries, through state-of-the-art technology to make it easier for companies to manage their information and documents.

MAXIMAGE AIIDARA® is the new multi-platform version of our #EDM (Electronic Data Management); which, through Artificial Intelligence, templates, controls, functions and reports, facilitates the management and #administrationofalltheinformation of any company

Maximage Aiidara® saves time and makes it easy to manage business documents through a very simple guide.


• Mass document management

• It has an electronic signature

• Create files

• Verifies that the files are complete

• Increase savings in e-storage

• Increases information security, adding levels of security

• Increases the productivity of information users

• Increases the level of security for information manipulation

• Facilitates information queries by keeping documents secure

Among its main functions are:

• Import documents from: scanner, computer or any mobile device

• Automatic capture

• Analysis and extraction of image content for automatic indexing by adding the Add In Sofiia® Software for intelligent Image Analysis

• Share and consult information quickly and easily

• Receive information and file it

• Organize information

• Create access with permissions differentiated by user and roles

Why buy Maximage-Aiidara?:

• Adapts to the needs of each client • It is quick to implement • It is safe to use from end to end

• It has local support

• It is scalable

• Allows to generate Document Intelligence

• Allows control of each document by role

• Allows information to be shared between decision makers Compatible with any operating system.

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