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Hidden Savings in Process Automation

In 2021, the global intelligent process automation (IPA) market is forecast to be approximately US$20 billion, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16 percent to reach US$30 billion by the end of 2024.

Statista Research Department, Jan 27, 2022

All companies, regardless of the line of business they belong to, have been are or will be in one or all of their departments, involved in the #automation of their #processes. When we talk about process automation, we refer specifically to replacing manual work done by people with automated work carried out by machines and/or #software programmed to perform said function.

Thanks to the development of new #technologies, such as: Artificial Intelligence (#AI), #MachineVision, #MachineLearning, Internet of Things (#IoT), among others, it has been possible to develop programs that, implemented in the processes, can carry out work in less time. time, more efficiently and with higher quality, which directly impacts a reduction in operating costs.

When carrying out the implementation of process automation, it is important to do prior planning, which allows identifying in time and cost, the obvious benefits that will be obtained from changing from a manual process to an automated one. But there are benefits that process automation brings with it, which are often not visible to the naked eye, but which in the long run have a positive impact on the operation of companies:

• By automating the processes, at each step valuable information is collected that, when analyzed in due time, allows the process to be optimized and improved.

• Human resources that previously spent time on mechanical and repetitive tasks can now be dedicated to jobs with greater responsibility and be more productive for companies. This is how human labor is used in jobs that really deserve it and human talent is not wasted.

• Work between areas becomes more productive, since unnecessary interaction is reduced.

• Information #security, since access can only be given to authorized personnel, preventing sensitive information from being available to everyone, thus avoiding leakage or loss of it.

• The use of resources is optimized, which translates into savings in the short, medium and long term.

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