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How to identify the technological maturity of a company?

Technological maturity of a company

It is estimated that companies that adopt digital technologies can increase their sales by 3.5%, their profits by 3.2% and their productivity by 2.8%.               World Bank


#Technology is a key piece in our lives, and it is also an integral part of companies and the way of doing business in this era. Companies must be updated in technological terms, in order to be at the forefront in their business area, their perception of customers, and their approach vs. its competitors.

The technological maturity of a company refers to the degree to which it uses available technologies to improve its processes, products and services. A company with high technological maturity is capable of adapting to change, innovating and competing in the market. But how can this maturity be measured? There are different models and tools that allow evaluating the level of technological maturity of a company, such as:

- The capabilities maturity model (CMM), which is based on five levels: initial, repeatable, defined, managed and optimized. Each level represents a degree of control and efficiency in #software development and management processes.

- The #digital maturity model (DMM), which focuses on four dimensions: #strategy, culture, organization and capabilities. Each dimension is evaluated according to four levels: basic, intermediate, advanced and leading. This model allows us to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a company in its #digitaltransformation.

- The technological maturity index (TMI), which is calculated from six indicators: investment in R&D, patents, scientific publications, collaboration with other agents, technological infrastructure and human capital. This index offers a global vision of a company's innovative capacity.

These are just some examples of the models and tools that exist to measure the technological maturity of a company. The important thing is to choose the one that best suits the characteristics and objectives of each organization, and apply it periodically to detect areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.

If companies take a step in identifying their technological maturity, we are talking about companies that understand the importance of technological advances, and their commitment to their clients, employees and market, in being part of the technological evolution of their environment. Committed companies in all sectors is what is required to make a more responsible and committed world.

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