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3 keys to digitizing successfully

The digital economy is equivalent to 15.5% of the global gross domestic product (GDP), and in the last 15 years it has registered a growth two and a half times higher than the world GDP. World Bank April 20, 2022

As #technology advances, the life of human beings evolves at a speed, if not just as fast, if just as important in the way we see studies, business, and life in general. Today we talk about #digitization, and it is taken for granted that, being in the world of digitization, we are up-to-date and in line with technological evolution.

But are we really prepared and do companies know what talking about digitization means for their #businesses? Digitizing implies the use of technology to improve the efficiency, productivity and competitiveness of a company; by reducing costs, reaching a broader market and improving the experiences of customers now accustomed to faster and more comfortable responses.

Digitization allows companies to count on their computer heritage in data that is more easily exploited for the benefit of processes, response times and operating costs. Although there are various points to consider for companies to have a successful digitization, here we mention 3 keys that you cannot miss for it:

1. Have simple, powerful and safe digitization tools. Given that we are talking about having to safeguard the company's important information, we must ensure that the equipment, software, and access to said #information have the due robustness that our business deserves, but at the same time that it is so simple to use for the operators. without detracting from the high security that we must demand in its #protection.

2. Planning of what should be digitized and what not. When talking about digitization, it can happen to fall into the euphoria of trying to digitize all the #data of a company, when in reality we must be very aware of what will actually impact the processes in saving time and cost, and not just scan for scan sake.

3. Maintain the human sense in the business. The fact of having digital tools for business management (digitization of #documents, digital attention, among others), does not warrant forgetting the true needs of #customers, on the contrary, having more information about customers should encourage companies to companies to provide better products and services, aligned to the needs of their markets.

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