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Importance of speed in data processing

Information is power!

And more if it is processed in record time. Having the right #information at the right time can make decision-making optimal and benefit many people at the same time. Nowadays, having the information, but even more knowing how to process it in an optimal time, can make a big difference in people making assertive decisions and that they are generated at the right time.

At present, all the activities that the human being can carry out generate a large amount of information that, if you have the opportunity to manage and process it, can become valuable information, to only generate data that is not processed and taken to become data. to information.

Thanks to technology, being able to process a large amount of data that can come from different sources, and that said data is converted into information for decision making, is what we know today as " #bigdata".

Thus, many computational models, when managing a large amount of #data that cannot be analyzed manually or under basic information analysis systems, can generate behavior algorithms that make the information have a unique value and even more than the processing of said information is carried out in thousandths of a second. The integration of cloud storage tools has revolutionized the world of #BusinessIntelligence, which has given access to large volumes of data that travel at high speed, from different devices simultaneously, and that thanks to proper handling of "big data" they become information that can give an important value to the user in the handling of the information.

An example of the above is the importance for #companies that, based on the different interactions that the user has with electronic devices and through the algorithms that they manage, the experience of buying an item is as pleasant as possible, and that lead the consumer to make the correct decision, based on their needs, and above all that the decision time is often in a matter of seconds.

That is why the speed at which the data is processed can make the difference between making a correct purchase decision and the experience that a company can make its consumers feel in the sales process.

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