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Best Technological Practices for 2022

Welcome 2022! A new year has arrived in which as humanity, great challenges have been overcome, especially in health and economic aspects. The idea of ​​the world that you had a couple of years ago no longer exists; and one of the ingredients that has played a leading role in the change revolution is #technology. As a simple example: 72% of executives plan to invest in #virtual collaboration tools to support their hybrid workforce in the future. Source: Statista United States executives plan investments to support hybrid work 2021, by category.

Since technology has been one of the main ingredients to cope with the changes that humanity has faced, it is very important to be informed of the #technologicalTrends that will play a leading role in 2022, and be ready to make them our best practices in implementation in companies.

Here are five of the best technological practices that we suggest you take into account so that your business has an extraordinary new year, and you can lay the foundations for the technological development of the future:

1. Digital Transformation: Apply digital technologies in all areas of the organization. From the management of #digital information, to the #automation of processes and information management. Which allows companies to streamline processes and reduce costs

2. Artificial Intelligence #AI: The incorporation of new technologies allows companies not only to be up-to-date, but also to apply it to decision-making in the programs developed for certain processes. Reducing errors and lowering operating costs are the main reasons that companies have to apply this new technology.

3. Data Analysis: To make timely and accurate decisions, it is necessary that the information that your business generates in its different areas, converge in a specific analysis that allows the #data to become valuable information. This information must be available at any time for the persons authorized to manage it.

4. Biometrics & Cybersecurity: Establish the best #security practices that allow a shielding of business operations, using the best #biometric technologies that have been developed, from fingerprint biometrics to iris or voice biometrics.

5. Development of custom #software: On many occasions, in order to automate all the processes of a company, it is necessary to resort to a specific development that allows to unite the different technologies that are used in the different areas of the company.

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