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Let a good end not be a bad start

#November has become an auspicious month to boost sales of retailers to the last consumer; it is a tradition that has gone from country to country and where clear examples such as "#BlackFriday" in the U.S., or the "#GoodWeekend" in Mexico, bring great profits to shops at this time:

According to the official "Black Friday" site, last year 142.2 million people made their purchases online, reporting online sales of $7.5 billion, 20.2% more than in 2018.

In Mexico according to the "Concanaco", before the 2019 edition of the “Good Weekend”, sales of 118 billion pesos were forecast, representing 5% more than obtained in 2018. At the end of the 2019 edition these numbers were exceeded by a wide margin.

This year in the face of the health emergency caused by #COVID-19, the picture will be different in the world, and online sales are predicted to benefit, given people's fear of being in crowds and avoiding contagion. According to data from the Mexican Online Sales Association (AMVO) they predict that during the “Good Weekend 2020”, 40% of people will make #onlinepurchases.

In view of this scenario, it is important that companies and individuals, are attentive to make this time of sales and purchases, generated in the best way, to make all transactions beneficial for both parties. Therefore, here are three main tips to follow, so that this November is the best time of year for your business and/or as a consumer, and that a "good end always has a good end":

For Companies:

1. Secure Transactions: Check that sell-buy transactions are made on a #secureplatform. This will give your customers the confidence to buy and stay active on your website. If possible, include biometric verification in your verification processes.

2. Massive information management platforms: Faced with the possible #massivereaction of purchase by customers, it is necessary to know that your sales platform, is strong enough and ready, to receive thousands of transactions (massively), without presenting blockages and / or delays.

3. Keep your transactions digitized. #Digitally, keep track of all transactions you make for future claims, changes, and/or suggestions from your customers. Check that your platforms are able to digitize information in bulk.

As a consumer, we give you three basic tips to follow at this time:

1. Check that THE URLs start with http and match the trade name. Check that the page where you're #shopping has a #security certificate, which appears as a padlock next to the site's address bar.

2. Perform all your transactions over a secure connection. Avoid using public networks.

3. Keep your proof of purchase. For each transaction you make, keep the proof of purchase, order number, and #proofoftransactions with the merchants where you make a purchase. All this in case you need to make a change or claim.

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