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Let's do paperless business

We are living in a time where various transactions are carried out every day, where the use of paper is no longer required: online purchases with digital receipts, #digital bank transactions, digital contract signing, among many others.

Thus, doing business digitally has prompted most businesses to question the use of paper, as well as questioning how to migrate from a physical #business to a digital one.

Here we share 3 basic tips that will help companies to conduct business without the use of paper, and at the same time make a #digitaltransformation in daily operations:

1. Digitize operations: It is recommended to carry out a detailed evaluation for each area of ​​the organization, where it is determined which documents that are currently held in physical form, can be made digitally, as well as the form of their transformation. It is important to define which documents can be originally generated digitally and which ones will have to be transformed through a digitization process, either internally within the organization or through a third party.

2. Secure digital storage: Determine where the organization's digital information will be stored, allowing it to segment the #information by area, user, as well as certain permissions for consulting and managing said information. Currently, #companies can have various storage options through third parties, without having to make investments in this aspect, always emphasizing the vulnerability of said repositories to cyber insecurity.

3. Generate sales material digitally: If the sales area of ​​companies gets used to handling digital materials, such as: personal cards, brochures, economic proposals and even sales incentives, these materials will be easier to share with your prospects, through any digital medium, even through social networks.

The fact that companies generate paperless businesses is establishing new ways of doing business, in addition to the fact that together: companies, customers and employees, we will be contributing to the conservation of a healthier and more #

sustainable planet.

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