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Marketing in the digital age

We are living a reality where technology plays a leading role in the lives of both individuals and businesses. Technological advances have changed life in every way, and as an example we can see that information spreads in seconds either over the internet, or from communication through social networks.

This, coupled with a new global reality, has forced the way of doing business to also be shaken by such advances and changes; and make today companies carry out management of different kinds, where technology is a vital tool.

Marketing has not been the exception of such adaptations and changes; although for some years the term "Digital Marketing" began to take strength, it is in these days that it becomes crucial for companies to know and apply it. Digital Marketing is the promotion of products, services and brands by electronic means among which stand out: personal computers, cell phones, tablets, smart TVs, among others, through the Internet.

There are many tactics that make up what is now called Digital Marketing: Website, e-mailing, videos, webinar, social networks, blogs, e-commerce among others. The truth is that in order for a company to perform Digital Marketing efficiently, it must take into account many factors.

Here are three basic tips to get you started in the new world of Digital Marketing:

1. Develop a global marketing strategy, where the Digital part is contemplated. To make a close approach to the customer, companies must establish the complete strategy that they must follow in both the digital and traditional part, so that their efforts in all ways complement and add up, and the opposite does not happen.

2. Develop the key messages that must be followed by communication with the customer, to create a funnel process, that allows the company to guide the customer's purchase decision, and on the other hand that the customer feels that all the efforts and messages of the company are aligned to the same objective to avoid confusing and / or losing it.

3. Measurement of return on investment. One of the great strengths of running digital marketing is that any effort can be measured from the number of visits to the website, the number of followers on social networks, to sales made in an electronic store. The analysis of the statistics that show the use of the different tactics, should feed back the strategy for the best decision making of the company.

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