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Model of a Digital Company

Today, all companies that have a firm intention to stay and grow in their market know that technology is their primary ally to be able to execute their processes and operations both internally (with employees), and externally (with customers).

To use #technology in favor of the company, your processes need to be digitized, which means that in the way you operate, digital technologies are used and data management digitally, to make such operation faster, more profitable and more productive. While all the company's processes are sought to be #digitized, there are important areas to consider to create an ideal model for creating a digital enterprise. Here are some of the most relevant areas:

#Internet service:

Ensure that the company has a robust enough Internet service, which supports the digital operation that is intended to be carried out taking into account the number of users, the interaction between areas and the volume of information to be managed.

• Allied #software in your operation:

Take into account the different areas of operation of the company, where information flows digitally through specialized software in the various areas of the company. We're talking from managing a #CRM (Customer Relationtionship Management), to an #ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and their proper interaction with each other.

The internal network that allows the company to make available to all employees, the useful information that is required both informative as well as that required as a work tool, to manage processes between areas quickly and efficiently.

The more digital a company becomes, the more exposed it is to situations of vulnerability in its operation, from viruses to an information hacker. So taking care of and maintaining cybersecurity is vital.

Depending on how digitized your business is, security protocols should be created ranging from access to secure verified sites (https), random and frequent password change, to managing information in the cloud.

• Training/Auditing the Human Resource:

While it is true that technology is a very important ally in the digitization of a company, even in many of the processes the human is involved, so #training for the good management of technology in processes becomes essential, as well as the fact of carrying out audits to the work teams, are recommended, to identify possible gaps of adaptation and / or understanding.

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