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Security in data processing

As of 2015, 25 percent of the global data required #security but was not protected. That number was projected to increase to 45 percent in 2025.

Statista Data Security: Actual status worldwide 2010-2025 (February 2022)

Security and #technology are two concepts that seem to be related when they are combined to provide the user with safe and comfortable experiences when handling their information.

The #companies that pay attention, not only to have secure tools for their operation, but also to provide robust and reliable tools for managing user #information, are companies that are looking to the future and realizing that the information they handle is a sensitive issue that requires a lot of attention.

Every time the #data that users and companies share through networks, or any technological system, is increasing and requires greater protection against possible cyber fraud. As an example of what is mentioned here, there is the increase in ransomware attacks (a type of malware that encrypts files to later demand a ransom payment and thus restore access to information).

Among the main strategies that companies can activate to have greater security when processing their data, are:

1. Run a #vulnerability analysis: We are talking about the same company that judges all your technological infrastructure, and determines where there are leaks or where security needs to be strengthened. This type of analysis is carried out by the hackers themselves, to program their attacks, therefore, if companies carry it out on their own, they will be one step ahead of their attackers.

2. Data encryption: The data that travels on various platforms and is #encrypted, is only visible to the people/systems that have the keys for its decryption; This ensures that the information will be less vulnerable in its journey through the #networks, and that it will be more difficult to sabotage.

3. Have security technology installed in the operation of the company: Today there are protection #systems that range from a #Firewall to more robust programs that can secure information inside and outside the company. Therefore, depending on the needs of the companies, it will be important to have a system with these characteristics.

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