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Data Management in 2023

The start of a new year, and above all that we can think and/or forecast, if we have something certain, it is that it will be a year in which #technology will continue to be present to continue changing the way in which we carry out our daily activities, be it in terms of personal and/or professional.

For #companies, one of the great challenges will continue to be the administration and management of their #data, so the companies that best manage to exploit the #information they have and know how to make it work in their favor for a better experience with their customers, will surely be the leaders in their sectors and will stand out in the #digitaltransformation of their processes.

Although it is true that data has always been present, the reality is that today it is more relevant, given that all the activities that are carried out leave a mark on data, and companies that know how to read and interpret information in an agile way, simple and opportune, are the ones that have the best options to create and/or improve their #strategies in any way.

Thus, some trends for this 2023 in relation to data management will be focused on:

• Have technological solutions that contain #DataAnalytics and #ArtificialIntelligence (#AI)

• Greater use of #BigData, to create strategies and solutions to recurring problems.

• More accurate #simulations with a lower range of error.

#Cloud data centers

• Development of positions and #skills for the correct reading and interpretation of data.

It will be a year where we can have great experiences through the correct interpretation of the data, and that these help to complete successful #businessstrategies.


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