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Tech and HR

Speaking of #technology and digital transformation in #business, we are right at a time when companies either consolidate their digital transformation, take the big leap to transform their operation into a #digital world, or lose themselves in obsolescence. of maintaining manual and rudimentary businesses.

It is a fact that businesses that seek to transcend in the short, medium, and long term are in one of the stages of digital transformation. This step refers to all areas of the company using technology as their great ally to make the most relevant and significant changes, which make the company's processes agile, easy, but above all very productive.

Technology in this aspect is present in each department of the organization, with the #HumanResources (HR) area being one of the first involved, if the company's operating cycle is reviewed, from the generation of talent to subsequently give step to the operational and productive areas of the same.

Here we show you three key areas where the use of technology generates value in the HR area:

1. Digital talent search platforms: The first step in human resource management is precisely to obtain them, which is why today there are #digitalplatforms where either the same professional who is looking for a job registers and promotes his or her talent, or that companies and/or educational institutions offer vacancies for open positions within organizations.

2. Digital platforms for the enrollment and documentation management of candidates and employees: Gone are the physical files that contained the basic documentation that every company requires its employees to have. Nowadays, companies must have technological solutions that allow them to manage all the necessary documentation of their candidates and employees, with reliable and secure information.

3. Work from home: It is a fact that as of 2020, working from home has become a great alternative for employees and employers due to the pandemic; makes the HR area, together with the systems area, manage to identify the best platforms for #remotework, having security as a priority, but in the same way ensuring that the process of leadership and communication between employees and the company maintains a open and productive line of communication, only now digitally.

Although it is true that the technology and digital platforms to be used by companies fall within the systems area, it is important that the HR area make sure to know them first-hand, to know how to implement them among employees, but above all , to get the most out of them for good communication and generation of efficient teamwork between the different areas of the organization.

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